Leftover Cranberry Sauce Mini Muffins

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If you ever read our 2nd book One Potato, you will see that we have learned it is smart not to waste food.  We especially love making sure leftovers are used up by using them to create something NEW.  In this easy recipe, we use leftover cranberry sauce to make moist and tangy mini muffins. […]


November Creative Dragon Newsletter

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  Learn the history of cranberries, and let no cranberry sauce go to waste with our  EASY “Leftover Cranberry Sauce Mini Muffins” recipe! (YUM!!!) Also, try Sir Sidney’s FUN “Sniff Test” to see how your sense of smell affects your food’s flavor.

Wampanoag Boiled Bread

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Have you ever wondered what life was like before grocery stores, or even refrigerators?  In Plymouth, Massachusetts during the year 1621, the Pilgrims had to farm, hunt, and gather their food in order to survive.  Luckily, they were taught how to plant corn, fish, and gather berries and nuts by the Wampanoag People, who had […]