Sir Sidney’s Super Slushies (Easy Fruit Juice Granitas)

This super fun recipe is great because there is NO RECIPE! Just use your favorite fruit juice. We used 100% fruit juices in grape and pomegranate and, also, lemonade from concentrate (because we love lemon). We don’t recommend diluting juice for this treat. In fact, if you are making juice from concentrate use about 3/4 of the water called for in the directions for a really great flavor. If you are using fresh juice, trust us, it is yummy enough as it is!

You will need:

  1. Flat bottom pans or glass dishes (we used 3 small glass casserole pans)
  2. Fruit juices
  3. Fork
  4. Patience (Trust me, Princes Rain and I know this is the hardest part of the recipe -especially when it looks so yummy).


  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Pour about one inch of juice into pan.
  3. Freeze for one hour.
  4. After an hour, use your fork like a rake, and scrape ice crystals from the sides of the pan towards the middle. Break up any large crystals with the back of your fork.
  5. Repeat every half hour, until you have a SLUSHY! Usually, this takes about 3 hours, unless you peek a lot, then it takes longer. (Can you guess why?)
  6. Serve! We used frosted mugs and bowls. We even made a frozen princess crown bowl out of lemon peels. Use your imagination!!!

To make a frosty bowl or mug: simply rinse glassware under water and place in the freezer while still wet. Freeze.

To make frozen lemon bowls:

1. Have an adult slice one end of lemon to create a flat bottom. Then, slice the top off.

2. Using a metal teaspoon, carefully scoop out pulp and flesh (save in a bowl, sieve, and use juice in cooking or for lemonade).

3. An adult can optionally carve the rind into creative designs (we are fond of princess crowns)

4. Freeze until ready to use.

Princess Rain and I had a lot of fun making these. We hope you do, too!!!



Enjoy! Best always from Sir Sidney Dragon and Princess Rain!


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