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Ava making Princess Rain's sandwich in Michigan!

Lily, in Florida, practicing for Storybook Day at school!

4 Stars from the 2nd grade at Indian River Elementary School! Thanks, guys!


Gabrielle, in California, having a Princess Rain sandwich for dinner!


We love encouraging young readers! Thank you for sharing!

We are very flattered, Morgan in Florida! Thank you very much! By the way, you really captured us in your drawing!

Thank you very much, Amber from Nevada! We are glad you enjoyed our story!


Kailani in Florida is Princess Rain for Storybook Day!

We LOVE your green dragon, Ashton! Thank you for sharing!!

Listening to our story at the Boys and Girls Club in Edgewater, Florida! Thanks for having us, guys!

Eppie found us in the library! Thank you for sharing, Eppie!

Abby, in Florida, reading in the car. We LOVE that your book is looking tattered around the edges. Thank you for sharing!


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