Princess Rain and the Dragon is a delightful tale by a very talented team that hopefully is the first of more to come…”

Gary Roen, Senior Reviewer of the Midwest Book Review


Princess Rain and the Dragon (paperback edition)


La Princesa Rain y el Dragon (Spanish/English edition)


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One Potato:

Princess Rain and the Dragon Book 2

by Helena Tauler Yates

Illustrated by Wendy C. Crouch

From One Potato:
One potato fell onto the shelf near the floor
Of the pantry where some of the food was stored.
Nobody noticed that it rolled there. 
Nobody even thought to care
Because in the pantry were ten 20 pound sacks
Of potatoes to be cooked as samples and snacks.
Princess Rain and Sir Sidney wanted to start their own business
Helping people throw parties and fun,outdoor picnics... 

…So begins the second adventure of Sir Sidney Dragon and Princess Rain, a brave and ambitious little girl with a love of cooking and nature.